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About Us

Board Members

Camille Parker, President

Chris Richardson, Vice-Pres.

Dunia Sinnreich, Treasurer

Malia Hale, Secretary

Monica Nermark, OC Liaison

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sligo Creek Educational Foundation (SCEF)?

It is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization created in 2014 that raises resources to support Sligo Creek Elementary School and other local schools in need. SCEF focuses on programs and activities that do not fall within the expenditure guidelines of the PTA and are not included in the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) spending plans.

Why was it started?

After the successful launch of the Outdoor Classroom parent volunteers realized that this project went beyond traditional PTA fundraising and spending guidelines. For example, the local business community made a multi-year commitment to support the project, which required a new fundraising mechanism. Parents created SCEF in response to this need to fund long-term projects that endure beyond a school year.

Who will serve on the SCEF board?

There are five voting directors, all of them current or former parents of Sligo Creek students: Camille Parker, Chris Richardson, Dunia Best Sinnreich, Malia Hale and Monica Nermark. All board members are volunteers and openly seek involvement from all parents and community leaders.

How often will Foundation officers meet and what will they do at their meetings?

Board meetings are held at least quarterly and will be used to identify and coordinate fundraising efforts and community outreach. The Board also plans to establish a list of short and long-term priorities for consideration at our annual meeting in October and vote to fund specific projects.

How does the Foundation raise funds?

SCEF raises funds by building partnerships with local businesses, applying for grants, and hosting fundraisers. As a volunteer-based organization, we will have minimal operating costs allowing revenue generated to go toward programs. SCEF was created in the 2014-15 school year, starting from $0.

How is the Foundation different from the PTA?

SCEF focuses on longer-term projects, while the PTA is limited to an annual funding cycle. SCEF will fundraise around priority initiatives. The PTA supports the school-family partnership through events and community building activities.

How will SCEF interact with the PTA and school?

SCEF will coordinate efforts with the PTA and the school to ensure that our work is complementary.

How do I learn more or get involved?

Contact Camille Parker, President of the Sligo Creek Educational Foundation.

Volunteers Needed

The Foundation needs volunteers!

We can use assistance with projects big and small. Let us know if you are interested in helping with any of these opportunities:

  • website development and maintenance
  • grant research and writing
  • help research or implement a project
  • photocopying materials for Friday Folders
  • contacts with local businesses who might be willing to make a donation
  • Or other ideas and skills you may be able to offer.