What is the Sligo Creek Education Foundation?

Parent volunteers created the Sligo Creek Education Foundation in 2014 to raise additional funds to support Sligo Creek Elementary School. The Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organization focusing on long-term programs and projects. We work closely with our partners—the PTA and school leadership —to identify ways to enrich the educational experience.

The Foundation was born out of the successful fundraising efforts of the Outdoor Classroom. As we researched other education foundations in Montgomery County, we realized that a foundation can be a great asset to the school.  The 2015-16 school year is our first year of funding projects and we are excited to begin our work!

Priorities for the 2018-2019 School Year

* Increase funding for the Outdoor Classroom and the Coordinator position

* Raise the 2nd installment ($5000) for the Recess Canopy

* Continue sponsorship of the Newspaper Club and the 2nd Grade Girls STEM Club

* Establish partnerships with area businesses to support the work of the Education Foundation

* Conduct outreach with local schools interested in learning from the SCES Outdoor Classroom

* Forge relationship with Purple Line Transit Partners that benefits the Sligo Creek/SSIMS community

* Expand parent involvement in the Education Foundation

Accomplishments During the 2017-18 School Year

The Sligo Creek Education Foundation was successfully able to raise more money than ever before during the 2017-2018 school year. We raised $6,750.23 in the Read-a-Thon, $7,689.34 from the Auction and Beer Dinner and $4,000 in grants thus far.

Money raised was used to support:

  • The popsicle party in the Fall
  • SCEF newspaper club
  • STEM club
  • Outdoor Classroom Coordinator
  • Outdoor Classroom Supplies
  • First installment towards  the long-term fundraising goal of a shade canopy for the recess field.

We would like to thank Alison, Jovanovic, Anu Aiyar, Monica Nermark and Chris Wacker for fearlessly serving on the SCEF Board this year. Our programming was spearheaded by Ms. Miller as the Newspaper Chair, Laura Farr as the Outdoor Classroom Coordinator and Ms. Brown and Ms. Fischer as the STEM Club Sponsors. Our successful auction was a result of Chris Wacker, Steph Spahr, Angie Gilp and Roxanne Holton. Tammi Grosko led the charge in grant writing. Greg Ewing was our legal advisor. The hard work of these individuals made such a successful year possible.

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All donations are gifts made voluntarily to Sligo Creek Education Foundation, a 501( c )(3) charity, with no conditions. Donors receive a tax receipt from Sligo Creek Education Foundation at the time of the donationRequested refunds will be paid by check only. Donors who request refunds may not be eligible for tax deductions on their refunded donations.

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