What is the Sligo Creek Education Foundation?

Parent volunteers created the Sligo Creek Education Foundation in 2014 to raise additional funds to support Sligo Creek Elementary School. The Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organization focusing on long-term programs and projects. We work closely with our partners—the PTA and school leadership —to identify ways to enrich the educational experience.

The Foundation was born out of the successful fundraising efforts of the Outdoor Classroom. As we researched other education foundations in Montgomery County, we realized that a foundation can be a great asset to the school.  The 2015-16 school year is our first year of funding projects and we are excited to begin our work!

Priorities for the 2017-18 School Year

The Sligo Creek Education Foundation held it’s annual meeting in the Media Center in November. Working with the PTA and school administration to identify priorities for the coming year, we approved grant requests to fund the Newspaper Club, 2nd Grade Girls STEM Club and the Outdoor Classroom Coordinator position again.  We are also exploring the option of funding a shade canopy for the playground.  Please reach out to Alison Jovanovic if you have a grant request idea that the SCEF should consider.

Accomplishments during 2016-17 School Year

The Sligo Creek Education Foundation had a great second year! 

We are pleased to celebrate our accomplishments for the year:
  • Supporting the second year of the Sligo Creek Newspaper Club, which published a school-wide quarterly newspaper under the leadership of Stacy Miller.
  • Funding an Outdoor Classroom Coordinator to work with teachers on lessons and planning.
  • Enabling the inaugural year of the 2nd grade girls STEM club.
  • Granting the development of a boys after-school mentoring program.

These programs were only possible because of our successful fundraising. Our Supper Clubs and Read-a-Thon raised $7,809.88 and we received a $500 corporate grant.

We want to thank our volunteers, who helped to make this year a success. A special thanks to our Board members: Alison Jovanovic, Chris Wacker, Debbie Boger, Anu Aiyar, Amy Kenney and Greg Ewing. In addition, we want to thank staff who helped support our work this year: Stacey Miller, Cynthia Fischer, Crystal Brown, Mark James and countless parents who shopped and/or photocopied to support programming.

The Foundation is beginning to plan for new year, and we welcome parent involvement!
  • We will be recruiting at least one new board member for next year
  • We are looking for volunteers to help organize Supper Clubs, write grants, maintain our website and help with fundraising.
  • We will continue to coordinate closely with the PTA on our fundraising and events to mutually support each other and the school.

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